Super Silver Haze Strain


THC 20%CBG 1%


Super Silver Haze effects are mostly energizing.

Super Silver Haze potency is higher THC than average.

flavor & aromacitrus
top effectenergetic
  • 1Oz
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Super Silver Haze Marijuana Strain For Sale

Super Silver Haze is an award-winning Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that contains Haze, Skunk and Northern Lights. Renowned for its big THC hit, it’s well-known for its high yields and exquisite, long-lasting high.


This popular strain has a high fungal resistance, making it adaptable to the Australian outdoors. It is, however, recommended for experts only. The plant requires careful feeding throughout each stage of its life cycle, so prior growing knowledge is essential. As for where and when to plant, it grows the best outdoors in warm and dry weather, where it produces huge yields. Indoors is fine too, with hydroponic culture being among the best growing methods. Expect heights of up to 160 cm indoors and 250 cm outdoors. dankwoods dank vapes

Smell, taste and effect

Super Silver Haze is noted for its Haze-like flavor, with hits of lemon and citrus. There’s some spice fragrance there too, with notes of sandalwood, cedar and incense. The more mature it is, the skunkier the flavor. In terms of effects, this offers a sustained and energetic high that’s perfect for stress relief. It’s particularly popular with creative types as a contemplative and inspiring strain.

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1Oz, Full pound, half pound

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Super Silver Haze Strain


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