Sour Diesel Strain


THC 19%CBD 0%


Sour Diesel effects are mostly energizing.

Sour Diesel potency is higher THC than average.

flavor & aromadiesel
top effectenergetic
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Sour Diesel Strain For Sale

Sour Diesel is a well-rounded Sativa-dominant strain that’s been popular for decades. Known for its high quality and potency, it remains a classic high-energy option that should always be on the menu.


Sour Diesel is an easy-grow strain that prefers low humidity and dry, warm climates. Perfect for the Australian outdoors, this beast can reach heights of 300 cm in perfect conditions. It’s important to keep the growing environment sterile to prevent mold and mildew. It boasts a relatively short flowering time of less than 11 weeks.  buy dankvapes online

Smell, taste and effect

Sour Diesel boasts a petrol-like aroma with funky earthy notes. This all masks a light and herbal sweetness with undercurrents of lemon. The effects are just as alluring, offering a big mood and energy blast that provides long and euphoric highs. It’s been a favorite with creatives for this reason, but it’s also invaluable in treating depression and stress.

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1Oz, Full pound, half pound

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