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Cold Creek Kush is dried low and slow to preserve its terpenes and improve its aroma. Learn more about the strain’s terpene profile.

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Doja Cold Creek Kush For Sale

Formerly known as Doja Elation, this indica-dominant hybrid weed is the lovechild of the potent, award-winning MK Ultra and the legendary Chemdawg 91. Grown and handcrafted here in the Okanagan Valley, Cold Creek Kush’s buds are dense, heart-shaped, and studded with orange pistils; they offer a high concentration of THC and minimal CBD.

A rich terpene profile of myrcene, caryophyllene, and linalool lends Cold Creek Kush sour, spicy flavours with woody, earthy notes, immersing you in Okanagan’s most recognizable aromas. dank juice vape

Tended by small, dedicated grow teams, Cold Creek Kush is:

  • Grown in an environment customized to the needs of the plant
  • Dried low and slow for optimal moisture content
  • Hand-finished to capture the best bud, with no loss


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Doja Cold Creek Kush


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