Blue Dream Strain


THC 18%CBD 0%


Blue Dream effects are mostly energizing.

Blue Dream potency is higher THC than average.

flavor & aromablueberry
top effectcreative
  • 1Oz
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Blue Dream Strain For Sale

Blue Dream is a 1970s Californian classic perfected for the modern period. Think sun and surf, hippie vibes and a solid rocking soundtrack. Perfect for Australia.


Blue Dream is a fine beginners seed, growing easily indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. Flowering time will take just over several months, and it adapts well to methods like Sea of Green. While it boasts a high fungal resistance rating, be sure to use good organic fertilizer for the best results. In terms of height, it can reach 200 cm indoors and a whopping 300 cm outdoors. vapes carts online

Smell, taste and effect

Blue Dream has a candy-sweet flavor with fruity notes of fresh blueberries and lemon zest. There are mango sorbet notes there too, creating a memorable, lingering sweetness. You’ll experience full-body relaxation and a stimulating cerebral sensation that’s perfect for inspiring creativity. This is one for enjoying at the beach under the setting sun.

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1Oz, Full pound, half pound

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