AK-47 Strain


THC 19%CBD 0%


AK-47 effects are mostly energizing.

AK-47 potency is higher THC than average.

flavor & aromaskunk
top effecttalkative
  • 1Oz
  • Full pound
  • half pound

AK-47 Strain For Sale

AK-47 is a Sativa-dominant strain that’s known as the “one-hit wonder”. It’s big, crystal-covered buds have been satisfying connoisseurs for years. With that said, it has multiple awards in its bag as a certified classic. dank vapes carts


The AK-47 has strong and stable genetics that produce a high-quality, fast-growing harvest. It does produce a strong scent, making remote locations more preferable. It thrives outdoors in dry Australian weather and can also see great results indoors. Furthermore, it requires some care, though, making it better for experienced growers. Expect heights of up to 140 cm (indoors) and 170 cm (outdoors).

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1Oz, Full pound, half pound

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